Losing things

If you have 3 (or more, for the love of god what were you thinking) children I guess you’ve figured out by now that you have to be EXTREMELY organized.  Everything requires thinking ahead, down to the last detail. I’m actually always thinking of the next step-when I’m making dinner at night, I’m already thinking what we’ll be having for dinner TOMORROW night. Its completely mentally exhausting, is what it is.

So while I’m in this state, I tend to lose things. Or as I like to say, misplace. One thing that I misplace quite often are cordless phones. It sounds weird, I know, but I’m constantly picking up the phone in one room and putting it down in another. Then suddenly, all of them are gone and the phone is ringing and I have no idea where I put it. Then Outnumbered Dad gets super pissed off because the phones are never in their phone chargers and once they go dead you can never find them again. I generally blame it on one of the kids, and eventually we find the phone in a couch or something. This could be weeks later.

So the other day I take the kids to their weekly piano lesson on Tuesday, which requires a MASSIVE amount of planning, because the baby can’t nap in the afternoon on that day, so she has to go down for her morning nap earlier, and my 9 yo has karate right after piano. So this requires bringing snacks, the diaper bag, piano books, and karate uniforms. It also requires making dinner beforehand, dealing with a cranky baby for an afternoon, and a huge amount of shuttling here and there. I tend to have a nervous breakdown on Tuesdays.

Anyways, I’m at the piano lesson, with so much gear that it looks like I’m sleeping over at their piano teacher’s house that evening. First things first, I always congratulate myself on actually making it there with everyone and everything.

So while I’m rummaging around for some toys in the diaper bag for the baby, I feel something sort of large and bulky at the bottom.I pull it out and its a phone. Not my cell phone- its one of the cordless phone extensions FROM THE HOUSE.

80s cellphoneThis is a first-I must have put the phone in the diaper bag while I was obviously in some altered mental state. Anyways, I try to seem all casual about it because I feel like a total ass in front of the boys’ piano teacher. I mean, what do you say when someone pulls a giant phone extension out of a diaper bag? I actually considered pretending that it was my cell phone, (remember those 80’s cell phones?) but it’s sort of massive.

Anyways I tried to explain the situation-I was all like, “oh that must have fallen in there by accident” but I ended up sounding like a total idiot. But the best part is that we had been looking for that phone for AGES. And Outnumbered Dad is temporarily happy because, as of today, we’re only missing one extension (I’m sure it’ll turn up in the freezer or something).




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